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Raleigh RM1/RM2 cylinder head

Raleigh RM1/RM2 Sturmey–Archer engine cylinder head—£25.
C/w fitted decompressor valve assembly.  Valve moves freely, includes spring, cable anchor parts, and special locknut.  All good condition, nice and clean, good threads in plug hole, all fins good.
Can post.

Puch cooling fan

Puch cooling fan c/w wire circlip to secure mag coverplate—£10.
Suit 2-speed or 3-speed fan-cooled models: MS50, VS50, VS50D, etc.  All good condition, nice and clean, all fins good.
Can post.

Mobylette horn

Mobylette stainless steel horn 20.330—£10
New old stock.
Can post.

Puch Maxi Kickstart

Puch Maxi Kickstart—£10
Pre-used, but practically perfect condition.  Good chrome, just shows a little wear on the rubber, but still good.
Can post.

Puch Sprinter & City intake muffler

Puch Sprinter & City intake muffler—£4
Pre-used, good condition.
321., Endstuck Fur Ansaugdampfer = End piece for intake muffler.  It’s the end piece for the air intake, with a plastic hose inside.  It takes a 50mm steel gauze filter to fit inside before it’s assembled to the front part.
(We have new 50mm gauze at £9 if you need one too).
Can post.

Rear lamp & number plate bracket

Rear lamp & number plate bracket for Honda PF50 Novio, Amigo, Graduate, etc—£8.
Pre-used, good conditiion.  Lamp mount fits Wipac S446 lamp (We have these at £12 if you need one too).
Can post.

Cyclemaster Mag covers

Cyclemaster Mag covers (2)
Both have had the badges removed (why do people do that?)  Sound condition, no rust or cracks.

Black one c/w fixing screw—£15

Silver with red highlights—£15

Can post.

Raleigh RM1/RM2 sidepanel brackets

Raleigh RM1/RM2 top/centre sidepanel mounting bracketSold
NEW/old stock, ex-trade spare.  Never fitted to any bike.  Both threads perfect.

Raleigh RM1/RM2 top/front sidepanel mounting bracket—£5
Good pre-used.  Both threads good.

Raleigh RM1/RM2 top/centre sidepanel mounting bracket—£3
Good pre-used.  Both threads good.

Can post.

Mobylette AV89 headlamp bracket

Mobylette AV89 headlamp bracket for early leading-link fork—£15.
Type for mounting horn/electric bell beneath headlamp.  Excellent condition, finished in original ‘Chaudron’ bronze paint & c/w badge.
Can post.

Genuine Royal Mail cycle battery lights

Genuine Royal Mail cycle battery lights.  Good condition.  Click on–off weatherproof button on top.  Standard bracket mounting.
Pifco No.1144 headlamp—£8
Pifco No.1244 back light—£8
(or £15 the pair)
Can post.

Cycle rear lamp mounting bracket

Cycle rear lamp mounting bracket—£4.
Old style all steel ‘T’ bracket for clamping onto rear stay.  C/w clamp and 3 original screws.  Good original condition.
Can post.

Raleigh RM1/RM2 Lucas mag flywheel

Raleigh RM1/RM2 Lucas mag flywheel—£20.
New/old stock in original box.  Never used.
Can post.

Silencer baffles for Puch Maxi

New cast aluminium silencer baffles for Puch Maxi—£12 each (2 available).
Genuine Puch ex-trade NEW/old stock.
Can post

Mag covers

Mag covers—both pre-used.

Left: Anker–Laura/Batavus plastic mag/clutch cover—£3.
The badge socket in the middle has been (badly) filled with filler to seemingly repair a broken bit in the middle, then subsequently painted silver with a black painted rim.  It now seems sound enough, functional, but doesn’t look too clever, so cheap.

Right: Mobylette plastic mag cover—Sold.
All good plastic, but it’s been painted silver (and yes, that was done with the original ‘chrome’ sticker in place on the cover), and a black painted rim.  Sound and functional, but doesn’t look too clever, so cheap.

Can post

Car parts
Car parts

Lucas 19FL flasher relay—£2
12V, 42/98W.  35088A.  Usual 3 × spade terminal connection arrangement.  NEW/old stock.
Can post.

X.42139 8HP Smiths 6V petrol gaugeSold
Dashboard mounting.  Black dial, white print & needle.  Good chrome bezel.
Can post.

X.40111 8HP Smiths 6V petrol gauge (with fixing bracket)Sold
Dashboard mounting.  Black dial, white print & needle.  Good chrome bezel.
Can post.

Old style telescopic car radio aerial—£2.
Fold-down type.  10½" long, extends to 43".  NEW/old stock, in original packet, with 18" lead and socket connection.
Can post.

Old style auto twin spray windscreen washer jet set—£3.
Good chrome.  All screws, jets and fitting components in place.
Can post

Old auto flasher repeaters

Old auto flasher repeaters—£3 the lot.
New/old stock random parts.  All good condition.  2 of each long type, 1 round.  All lenses perfect.
Can post.

Inspection lead-lamp

GE old auto inspection lead-lamp—£10
Heavy chrome plated diecast metal body, with switch on handle.  4" glass lens with GE (General Electric) logo.  Hanging loop and pivot clip.  Twin wire lead with crocodile connections to battery.  6V, 12V, or 24V? … and don’t know if it works—maybe just for show.
Can post.

Raleigh RM1/RM2 front mudguard stays

Raleigh RM1/RM2 front mudguard stays.  All pre-used.

Top: Reasonable chrome, good threads both ends, 2 × eyebolts + 2 × sculptured special nuts—£9

2nd from top: Reasonable chrome, good threads both ends, 2 × eyebolts + 1 × sculptured special nut—£8

3rd from top: mostly reasonable chrome though 1½" rusted patch, good threads both ends—£5

Bottom: Reasonable chrome.  One end good thread, other end thread sheared off (repairable)—£2.

Can post.

Corgi Morris Minor Van

Corgi Morris Minor Van—£10.
NEW, still in original box, never opened, perfect condition.  ‘D. Morgan, Friars Entry, Oxford, Phone 3863’.
Can post.

Corgi Land Rover

Corgi Duckhams ‘Race Support’ Land Rover—£5.
NEW, still in original box, never opened, perfect condition.
Can post.

Mobylette EEG steel sidepanel

Mobylette EEG ‘continental market model’ RH steel sidepanel—£15.
Three mounting points: top front, top middle, and bottom back.  Sound, no rust, no cracks.  Original black paint.
Can post.

‘Jerry’ fuel can

Original German military 5L ‘Jerry’ fuel can—£40.
‘Kraftstoff 5 Liter Feuergefahrlich’.  Very good condition.  Sound.  No dents no rust.  Cap complete, works and seals.
Can post.

Pyrene Junior hand-pump fire extinguishers

Pyrene Junior hand-pump fire extinguishers.  Made in Middlesex.

Left to right:
Chrome with brass badge panel (badge missing)—£15

All chrome (transfer missing)—£20

Nickel plated with inscribed badge panel and mount—£50

Chrome plated with inscribed badge panel and mount—£40

Can post.

KeiHin carburettor for Honda Spacey

KeiHin VE 01A A VC7 carburettor for Honda Spacey 125cc (CH125)—£20.
Pre-used.  All complete with diaphragm, vacuum valve, choke mech, float and needle, etc.  Useful spares.
Can post.

Honda Spacey service and parts manual

Honda Spacey 125cc Information, complete service, and illustrated parts manual—£20.
Totally comprehensive, hundreds of pages—it weighs 2kg!
Can post.

Honda PC50 rear brakeplate

Honda PC50 rear brakeplate c/w cam, brake lever arm, brake shoes and spring.  Good sound condition and working order—£10.
Can post.

1952 Excelsior Spryt autocycle

1952 Excelsior Spryt autocycle with 98cc Spryt Mk2 motor—£1,200.
Original reg LMJ 283 c/w V5c (non-transferable).  Complete and pretty much original.  Has had wheels rebuilt with new Sanremo chrome rims.  Includes both sidepanels with mounting bracket, and leather tool bag behind saddle.  Had has quite a bit of ‘work’ done, but needs further attention to complete.  Engine has good compression, magneto set overhauled and good spark, carb overhauled, and fuel tank cleaned out.  Last run for IceniCAM article ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ in 2017, but not run since (after it coughed out at the end of the road test).  Lost interest in this bike, so it wants a new home.  Since the motor appears generally sound, the conclusion is the the crank seal might want replacement, since everything else seems OK.  Clutch drags and wants investigation, so NEW chainwheel plate included, and also includes new crank seal 162.112.37.

Honda Melody E/S engine

Honda Melody E/S engine, spares or repair—£50.
Engine bottom end assembly, good crank and main bearings.  Reed-valve and inlet manifold, oil pump, magset and fan all complete; rear brake shoes, variator and clutch, fan-cool shrouds, cylinder head, small-end bearing and G/pin, kick-start mech (no starter motor).
Can post.

Morris Minor brake master cylinder service kit

Morris Minor brake master cylinder service kit–£10.
Ex-trade New/old stock.  Mopred M735 (369454)
Can post.

Mowog 75131 oil filter

Morris Minor, etc, Mowog 75131 Original Oil filter—£10
Austin, Morris, Wolseley, Riley, MG, Morris Commercial.  Ex-trade NEW/old stock.  Original Mowog felt & wire oil filter 1¾" diameter × 5½" long.  Fits into Oil filter sump (17H8892)
Can post.

Unipart GTS782K Thernostat Kit

Unipart GTS782K Thernostat Kit—£5.
For: Ford Escort, Orion, Sierra, Granada, Capri, Transit; Opel Ascona; Vauxhall Cavalier.  Ex-trade NEW/old stock.
Can post.

Morris Minor throttle pedal rubber

Morris Minor throttle pedal rubber—£2.
Ex-trade NEW/old stock.
Can post.

Morris Minor top bonnet badge

Morris Minor top bonnet badge—£10.
Pre-used, but in pretty good condition. All sound.  Just a few small pitting marks through plating, but chrome generally quite good.
Can post.

Vauxhall VOF93 Oil Filter

Vauxhall VOF93 Oil Filters—£2 each.
Ex-trade NEW/old stock.  Fit Astra Mk2 & Mk3, Cavalier Mk2 & Mk3, Calibras & Vectras 1.4–2.0 inc. turbo models, and should fit V6 too.
Can post.

Puch Maxi Mag Covers

Puch Maxi Mag Covers

Left: Pressed steel, silver painted, genuine Puch with logo, good condition, no rust or cracks—£10 (2 available).

Left/centre: Pre-used, good chrome plated, pressed steel with genuine Puch black plastic centre badge, vgc—£15.

Right/centre Top: Pre-used, rusty spots, chrome plated, pressed steel with black plastic ‘shield’ centre badge.  Pattern cover (not Puch branded)—£4.

Right/centre Bottom: Pre-used, good chrome plated, pressed steel with black plastic ‘blank’ centre badge.  Pattern cover—£8.

Right: Pre-used, black plastic moulded, Genuine Puch with logo.  Both vgc—£5 each

Can post.

Puch Mag Covers

Puch Mag Covers

Top Left: New, chrome plated, pressed steel Maxi mag cover with black plastic centre badge—Sold

Top Right: Pre-used, black painted, pressed steel Maxi mag cover with plastic centre badge & painted highlights—£15

Bottom Centre: Pre-used, cast alloy Puch original M50/VZ50-sport air-cooled mag cover—£25
All mounting bosses present, clean logo, no damage, very good condition.

Can post.

Maxi exhaust pipes

Good pre-used LH Maxi exhaust pipes:

Left: best pipe, pretty much just tarnished chrome, with only a little light surface corrosion spotsSold

Middle: some surface rust spots, but sound metalSold

Right: some surface rust spots, sound metal, but a small dent in front of pipe (usually kerbstone)—£10.

Can post.

Morris Minor quarterlight window glass

Morris Minor quarterlight window glass (2 available)—£12 each
Good pre-used.  Fit both nearside and offside.
Can post.

Old auto parking lights

Old auto parking lights

(Top) Sedan (made in England) window fitting parking light, good chrome, c/w connection lead—£10

(Bottom) Starlight (made in England) window fitting, spring mounted, good chrome, c/w connection lead—£10

Can post.

Old auto parking lights

Old auto parking light components

Starlight (made in England) window fitting, spring mounted, good chrome.  Only short lead, and socket components appear to be in there OK.  Little scruffy—£4

2 × Durite parking lamp sockets.  NEW/old stock—£2 each.

Can post.

Morris Minor steering wheel centre horn push

Morris Minor steering wheel centre horn push with badge, good condition—£15
Can post.

Lamp lenses & bezel rings

Morris indicator and rear lamp lenses & bezel rings.

Left: GLASS orange indicator lenses, 2 5/16" diameter × 2" deep, all good—£5 each.

GLASS red rear lamp lenses, 2 5/16" diameter × 2" deep, all good—£5 each.

Centre: Plastic orange indicator lenses, 2 5/16" diameter × 1" deep, both good—£4 each.

GLASS red rear lamp lens (only 1) 2 5/16" diameter × 1 1/8" deep, good—£5

Right: GLASS red rear lamp lenses, 2 5/16" diameter × 3/4" deep, all good—£5 each

Chrome plated steel bezel rings, good chrome—£2 each.
Chrome plated steel bezel rings, pitted chrome—£1 each.
Aluminum bezel rings—£1 each.

Can post.

Casal inlet gaskets

Casal inlet manifold gaskets—£2.50p each (5 available)
New/old stock
Can post.

Casal double-lipped seals

Casal M148 01 112 special double-lipped seals—2 for £5.
Look like they might be wheel/axle seals, 15mm I/D × 24mm O/D × 7mm wide.  NEW/old stock
Can post.

Casal Speedo drive gear and worm

Casal Speedo drive gear K160-15-321—£10 each (2 available)
New/old stock.  Perfect.  Still in manufacturer’s packets with labels.

Casal speedo gear worm drive to cableSold.
New/old stock

Can post.

Casal front sprocket

NEW/old stock 15T Casal front sprocket—£15
Genuine original manufacturer.  Part number 000 ) 5206 ) 5300.  Tapered centre hole 20mm to 18mm × 58mm, with 2 engagement 'slots' in the 20mm side.  5mm deep boss on the 18mm side, so total thickness 10.3mm
Can post.

Casal air filter cartridge

NEW/old stock Casal air filter cartridge—£15.
Genuine original manufacturer.  62mm diameter × 46mm long with 26mm intake hole.  Still sealed in manufacturers original packaging with part label.
Can post.

Casal Air filter plastic housing

NEW/old stock Casal Air filter plastic housing c/w clamp—£15
Genuine original manufacturer.  Part number 4-M15 2.04.150  63.6mm hole to carb intake
Can post.

Casal glass headlamp lens

NEW/old stock Casal glass headlamp lens—£15
Genuine original manufacturer.  111.5mm outside diameter.  Looks like it locates in 105mm headlamp rim.  Part number ticket: K160 18 102.
Can post.

Casal 120mm brake shoes

Casal 120mm brake shoes—£20 the pair.
NEW/old stock.  Genuine original manufacturer part no: R160.15.44
Can post.

Casal pedal arm

Casal LH pedal arm (LH thread)—£15.
NEW/old stock.  Original manufacturer.  Special arm only 3½" centres for Casal Sports mopeds SS4 and ST50 models.  Excellent chrome.
Can post.

Puch MS, VS, MV, DS fuel caps

Puch MS, VS, MV, DS fuel caps
Note: bare caps only, no inner seal.
NEW/old stock, perfect—£15 (2 available)

Good pre-used with just tiny over-tightening crack 3–5mm showing on top—£5 (2 available)

Not so good pre-used with couple of larger over-tightening cracks up to 20mm showing on top—£2 (1 available)

Can post.

Ariel-3, SIM-50 crankshaft

NEW Ariel-3, SIM-50 crankshaft for Anker–Laura engine—£50.
c/w small-end bearing & 2 × fitted main bearings, NEW/old stock.
Can post.

Raleigh Wisp cables

Raleigh Wisp white sheath cables.  New/old stock.

Front brake cable complete, 33¾" sheath, inner wire, stepdown ferrule, bottom adjuster & screw-clamp barrel nipple—£13 (1 available)

Front brake part cable, 33¾" sheath, inner wire, stepdown ferrule—£8 (1 available)

Decompressor, 32" sheath with in-line adjuster, inner wire and fitted nipples—Sold.

Can post.

4 × AA Badges

4 × AA Badges

Top Left: 0N72468 with black alloy backgroundSold
0A–0Z prefix issued 1945–57.

Top right: 0101613 plain badge with no background—£20
1945-style, but oddly no prefix?

Bottom Left: 0Z59615 with yellow alloy background—£15
0A–0Z prefix issued 1945–57.

Bottom Right: 0R60817 with yellow alloy background—£15
0A–0Z prefix issued 1945–57.

Can post.

3 × AA Badges

3 × AA Badges

Top left: 3A31104 with yellow alloy background—£15
1A–9A prefix issued 1957–59.

Top right: 1C36426 with yellow alloy background—£15
1C–9C prefix issued 1962–63.

Bottom centre: 5B04661 with yellow alloy background–£15
1B–9B prefix issued 1960–61.

Can post.

2 × AA Badges

2 × square AA badges—£5 each.
Can post.

AA Relay Badge

Square AA Relay badge—£5.
Can post.

Kismet ‘Balloon model-77’ tyre pressure gauge

Kismet ‘Balloon model-77’ tyre pressure gauge—£20.
As new condition in original box c/w red ‘wallet’.
Can post.

Dunlop tyre pressure gauge

Dunlop tyre pressure gauge—£8
Can post.

3 × Fire Service vehicle badges

3 × Fire Service vehicle badges

Left: (round 3¾" diameter, blue background), ‘Norfolk County Fire Service’—£30
Excellent condition c/w grill clamps

Middle: (square 3", black background), ‘Norfolk Fire Service “Aestimemur Agendo”’—£20
Excellent condition

Right: (square 3", red background), ‘Fire & Rescue Service’—£20
Excellent condition

Can post.

BSA steering damper knob

BSA B/M/A-series steering damper knob—£5.
Pre-used original Bakelite moulding. Good condition, no cracks.  Threads good where rod screws in.
Can post.

Tudor rear view mirror

Tudor accessory interior rear view mirror—£15.
In excellent condition.  Mirror perfect, and obviously never been assembled to its mounting bracket.  In original box c/w Tudor promotional leaflet.  Circa 1950s?  Collectible novelty?
Can post.

Francis–Barnett badge

Francis–Barnett LH badge for Villiers engine—£20.
Zinc cast badge still with original Francis–Barnett green background paint.  Good condition, no cracks.
Can post.

Mobylette Special-7 exhaust

Mobylette Special-7 exhaust—£20.
Good sound condition, clean inside.  C/w flange nut and mounting bracket.
Can post.

Honda Camino parts,

Honda Camino Tank mounting rubber, Ex-trade NEW/old stock—£2
Can post.

Honda C90E engine

Honda C90E engine—£200.
Pre-used.  Appears in very good condition.  Turns over and has compression.  Clean, and doesn’t seem to have been messed around with.  Splines on kickstart shaft vgc.  Oil still present inside.  Seems like it should be good to run.  No inlet manifold, carb, or kickstart.
Can post.

JC50 Q-7 exhaust

Jincheng JC50 Q-7 monkey bike original exhaust—£40.
Pre-used.  Part number on silencer heat shield: 14300-A03.  All good condition, no rust!  C/w front pipe heat shield, silencer heat shield with good chrome, baffle tail pipe, and mounting brackets.
Can post.

Kickstart and gearchange rubbers

Kickstart and gearchange rubbers—all £2 each.
Left to right:
AMC/Norton kickstart rubber, 13mm through hole × 80mm long × 28mm O/D
Burman kickstart rubber, 13m hole × 85mm deep × 22mm O/D
BSA BMA series kickstart rubber, 13mm hole × 80mm deep × 25mm O/D
BSA A&B group gearchange rubber, 10mm hole × 54mm deep × 25mm O/D
BSA round gearchange rubber, 8mm hole × 45mm deep × 22mm O/D.
Can post.

Raleigh Wisp rear carrier

Raleigh Wisp rear carrier—£4.
Metal sound and solid.  Chrome good in some areas, but there are also areas of rust, so the price reflects the condition.  No bag clip.  But it is the correct Wisp carrier c/w the rear lamp/number plate mounting bracket.
Can post.

Maybe Auto-VAP front wheel

Maybe Auto-VAP front wheel with 90mm prior full-width alloy hub, Dunlop Endrick pattern rim—£60.
Sound spokes, rim rusty chrome though sound, and wheel is serviceable.  Just a change of the brakeplate (which we can supply if required) and it’d be exactly same as Raleigh RM4, RM11, RM12 front wheel.  Tyre is no use at all.  Axle bearings and brake all good.
Can post.

Sturmey–Archer front brakeplates

Sturmey–Archer half-width cycle hub bare front brakeplates

NEW/old stock brakeplate c/w lever, cam, and pivot—£5.
NEW/old stock brakeplate c/w lever, cam, and pivot + ⅜" axle adaptor bush—£5.
Can post.

Trojan Mini-Motor fuel tank cap

Trojan Mini-Motor fuel tank cap—£25
Cast aluminium with 1½" × 18tpi UNEF (Unified Extra Fine) external screw thread.  Pre-used original manufacturer’s component.  Very good condition.
Can post.

Right hand rear indicator unit

Right hand rear indicator unit, believed to be for Honda C100 Cub—£30.
(Appreciate if anyone can confirm this please).
Cast aluminium mounting bracket, lens, and c/w internal socket and festoon bulb.  NEW/old stock.  Never used trade spare.  Excellent condition.
Can post.

Puch grey plastic airboxes

Puch 2-sp/3-sp MS/VS/VZ grey plastic airboxe.  Sound mouldings, no cracks. Without cover plate—£10
Can post.

British Hub Co. rear brake plate assembly

Autocycle 4" British Hub Co. rear brake plate assembly—£60.
Aluminium brake shoes with original good green linings & springs, cam, and brake arm.  Excellent condition, looks barely used.  For 2F autocycles with 21" wheels, New Hudson, etc.
Can post.

Puch Maxi stand

Puch Maxi stand with 6½" legs—£20.
This is the ‘short’ stand type used on models with small wheels, eg: Puch City and Mini-Maxi.  NEW/old stock, never used.  Almost as new, just a bit of minor rusting through the paint at the welded joints.
Can post.

Honda Camino carb body

Honda Camino carb body—£10.
Just the carb body with fittings, but no float bowl, no float, no float needle, and no main jet.  It does have the air screw and tickover adjustment screw, it’s got the choke mech complete with operating lever, it does have the throttle butterfly valve c/w arm and cable clamp, and the O-ring seal for the manifold.  NEW/old stock, excellent condition.  Ex trade spare.
Can post.

Honda Camino front suspension springs

Honda Camino front suspension springs set—£10.
2x assemblies of springs c/w top spring mounts and rebound buffers for both fork legs. New/old stock, excellent condition.  Ex trade stock
Can post.

Mobylette M40/N40 rear wheel

Mobylette M40/N40 rear wheel—£30.
80mm Leleu ‘M’ Hub c/w 10mm axle, bearings, and 18T freewheel turns and ratchets.  No drive sprocket or brakeplate.  All spokes sound, so serviceable wheel.  17×1.2×36H Rigida Endrick pattern rim with surprisingly good chrome and only minor pit marking.  ‘M’ Leleu hubs were only fitted to Mobys for about 18 months around 1975, so this is not a common wheel type.
Can post.

Trojan Mini-Motor manifolds.

Trojan Mini-Motor inlet and exhaust cast aluminium manifolds.  These parts are fairly prone to becoming broken if the bike falls over.  Both good condition, sound, no cracks, no corrosion.

Inlet manifold—£10

Exhaust manifold—£10

Can post.

Peugeot moped 210mm steel belt flywheel

Peugeot moped 210mm steel belt flywheel c/w engagement pin and operating spring.  NEW/old stock, excellent condition.  For late 50s / early 60s Peugeot moped models—£20
Can post.

Phillips Panda Mk1 front wheel

Phillips Panda Mk1 front wheel.  19×1.2 Dunlop Endrick 36H rim original gunmetal painted (these never were chromed), some surface rust but solid.  Sound spokes, so serviceable wheel—£30.
Good chrome half width hub, with bearing cups, but no axle.
Can post.

Sachs 90mm front hub in Westwood rim

Sachs 90mm full-width front hub in 19×1.2 Westwood pattern rim (poor chrome).  Sound spokes so serviceable front wheel.  10mm Axle × 130mm long, with good bearings, brakeplate c/w brake shoes, cam, and operating arm—£50.
Can post.

Mobylette AV89/Raleigh RM5 rear wheel

Mobylette AV89/Raleigh RM5 rear wheel—£60.
Later 5-rib 100mm Atom hub, laced into Rigida C-section rim, with poor chrome, though all spokes sound so wheel is serviceable.  Good 48T sprocket, brakeplate c/w shoes, cam, and lever arm; + bearings, axle, and nut.  No freewheel.  Tyre poor.
Can post.

Mobylette M40 rear wheel

Mobylette M40 rear wheel—£20.
Atom 80mm with race bearings, but no axle, no freewheel.  Laced into 17×1.2 Rigida Endrick rim with pretty good chrome and sound spokes, so serviceable wheel.  Freewheel threads good.
Can post.

Mobylette AV42–48 rear wheel

Mobylette AV42–48 rear wheel—£10.
Type for Mobylette circa mid-1960s (Pre M-series).  Bare 80mm Atom rear hub laced into Rigida 19×1.2 Endrick pattern rim, poor chrome, though sound spokes, so serviceable wheel.  Knock though 10mm axle type. No bearings etc, just bare hub. Freewheel threads good.
Can post.

Moped Top Yokes

Moped Top Yokes

Left—Metallic blue with chrome handlebar clamp—Unknown, any identification appreciated please, but looks like something Italian, maybe Ducati Puma?  Fork leg centres 130mm.  Front cable guide spot welded to bottom of yoke c/w grommet.  Chrome clamp for 7/8" handlebars with ‘Graeka’ high tensile chrome bolts & nuts—£10.

Right—Black Puch Maxi top yoke, 1973, Part No. 3491.30.007.1 with 3 pierced holes top/front for mounting headlamp bracket.  NEW/old stockSold.

Can post.

NSU Quickly rear carrier

NSU Quickly rear carrier for early 2-speed 26" wheel model.  Pre-used.  Genuine NSU original carrier c/w double clamp parcel clip & spring.  Good condition and fully working order—£25.
Can post.

Cheng-Shin 2.50×21 tyre

Cheng-Shin 2.50×21 tyre.  Modern ‘Trail’ tread pattern.  4-ply rated.  Nylon re-inforced.  NEW/old stock—£20.
Can post.

Puch back-pedal rear brake cable

Puch MS/VS fan-cooled & VS50 Sport back-pedal rear brake cable—£15.
Genuine Puch New/old stock.  Still sealed in manufacturer’s original packet.  Part number 910. (39651).
Can post.

Piaggio Vespa Ciao, Bravo, Si exhaust

Piaggio Vespa Ciao, Bravo, Si exhaust—£25
New/old stock, excellent condition.
Can post.

Austin A55 manual

Austin A55 saloon, half-ton van and pick-up, manual—£5.
Illustrated running and maintenance instruction book.  64-page booklet published by Austin Motor Co.  Cover a little tatty, though all complete and clean.
Can post.

Haynes <i>The Bike Book

Haynes The Bike Book—£3
168-page Illustrated paperback manual in A4 size.  Everything you need to know to help you enjoy and maintain your bicycle.  Good condition.
Can post.

Honda front mudguard

Honda C70 ‘Passport’ plastic front mudguard in mid blue—£15
All good sound plastic, no cracks, though some scuffs, and single small split in the cable guide.
Can post.

Honda front mudguard

Honda C90 plastic front mudguard in red—£8
Obviously an early guard circa 1970s since it has front number plate mounting holes.  Some cracking around back LH number plate mounting hole, RH bead in front of top mounting, and small crack in bottom RH mounting ring.  All quite fixable by plastic welding.  Otherwise, mudguard all complete, sound and serviceable.
Can post.

Honda front mudguard

Honda PC50 plastic rear mudguard in light blue (no, we don’t have any other colours)—£35
All good sound plastic except for a small ½" crack at bottom front.  Only minor scuffs.  Pretty good condition for a hard-to-find mudguard.
Can post.

Honda Stream manual

Genuine Honda UK main dealer workshop manual for NV50MS Stream (3-wheeler).  18 sections, 220 pages.  VERY comprehensive.  Very good condition–£40
Can post.

Book of Motor Cycle Racing

Book of Motor Cycle Racing by Murray Walker.  1960 hardback edition pre-owned copy. Spine has been taped, but all inside pages clean—£5.
Can post.

Power Pak Synchomatic twistgrip

Power Pak Synchomatic control twistgrip—£25.
Dual action, clutch/power.  Genuine original with all parts and good chrome.  Rubber grip in tatters.
Can post.

Puch Maxi air filter boxes

Puch Maxi air filter boxes—£10 each (2 available)
Pre-used, good condition and c/w internal air filter elements.
Can post.

Peugeot 104 mudguards

14" stainless steel front mudguards with mounting stays.  Originally from Peugeot 104 models, though these are same size wheels as Honda Express and Yamaha QT50 so use your imagination if your irreplaceable Japanese plastic mudguards are busted up…

Top, with mudflap—some bruises and a little bent but should straighten out easily enough.  Sound and serviceable—£5

Middle without mudflap but with good back stay—some bruises and a little bent but should straighten out easily enough.  Sound and serviceable—£5

Bottom—good straight guard—£10

Can post.

Batavus rear suspension units

Batavus rear suspension units, 300mm centres—£20 pair.
Good sound condition c/w all rubber bush sets.  Only want cleaning up and repaint.  Fit: GoGo, Bronco, HS50, Pronto, Starglo, etc.
Can post.

Mobylette/Raleigh 6.5:1 cylinder heads

Mobylette/Raleigh 6.5:1 compression cylinder heads for earlier type ‘continuous-fin’ 1.4bhp cylinders—£10 each.
Pre-used bare heads (NOT fitted with the decompressor valve, but kits are available elsewhere on the site).  All good fins, all good threads, cleaned and bead blasted nice and bright.  Suit all early AV7 engines AV31, AV32, AV33 up to AV76, and early AV42 models, and early model Raleigh RM6 Runabout, etc.
Can post.

Puch MS rear suspension units

Pair Puch MS original rear suspension units—£20.
Pre-used, chrome on upper shrouds badly pitted and offer poor presentation (but could be painted or re-chromed).  Spring shocks sound and in good serviceable condition.
Can post.

Honda Camino stainless steel rear mudguard

Honda Camino stainless steel rear mudguard—£30.
Pre-used, but in excellent condition.
Can post.

BOMI rear carrier

BOMI cycle-type rear carrier—£8.
Sturdy galvanised steel tubular frame with with sprung wire baggage clip, RH side handle carrier clip, and rear reflector.  Pre-used.  Generally in good condition as galvanising has preserved most of the frame, though a little corrosion at junction joints and on the reflector mounting bridge (which was never galvanised, and is removable, so could be cleaned up and painted).  Carrier platform stands 16" above the bottom mounting points.
Can post.

Pletscher rear carrier

Quality Pletscher (Switzerland) cycle-type cast aluminium rear carrier, super lightweight alloy frame and folding legs, with sprung wire baggage clip.  Pre-used, good condition.  Two available.
1 fitted with 80mm round reflector—£7.
1 with mounting bracket, but without reflector—£5.

Can post.

Puch MS50 front mudguard

Puch MS50 front mudguard in green, c/w 2 × back stays and cable guides both sides—£40.
Pre-used.  Very good condition.  No cracks, no rust, no dents, nice and straight.
Can post.

Puch Maxi front mudguard

Puch Maxi front mudguard, dark metallic/metal flake brown—£45.
Original black plastic ‘bumper trim’ fitted on front, and original black plastic mudflap trim fitted on bottom.  NEW/old stock.  Very good condition, in original factory paint, though a few minor blemishes.
Can post.

Puch Maxi front mudguard

Puch Maxi front mudguard, black with gold and red pinstripe—£40.
NEW/old stock.  Very good condition, in original factory paint, though few minor blemishes.  See detail pic of pinstripe.
Can post.

Puch Maxi front mudguard

Puch MS front mudguard stays—£2 each.
3 × green (left) 175mm long.
2 × black (right) 196mm long.  (Were orange, so probably M50 2-speed.)
Puch changed the position of the mounting studs on the forks, so you have to get the right length stays to suit your forks.
Can post.

Moped top yokes

Moped top yokes.  Grateful for any identification please

Top left (Silver) Puch Maxi (NEW), still in manufacturer’s packetSOLD
Top right (Red) Benelli 50cc ‘Sprint’ 3V & 4V (NEW)—£2
Bottom left (Silver) Puch Maxi ‘Free Spirit’ (NEW old stock) with speedo mount—£3
Bottom right (Red) Early Puch Maxi (NEW old stock) 1969–73, no light fitting, and stem-mounted handlebarsSOLD

All in original paint
Can post.

Puch Maxi side panels

Puch Maxi ‘Free Spirit’ US export pedal-start LH & RH side panels in black—£20 each.
Both panels in good sound condition, no cracks or bits missing.  Good pair of panels.
Can post.

Puch Maxi side panel

Puch Maxi S Kickstart RH panel in black—£20.
Good sound condition, no cracks or bits missing.
Can post.

Puch Maxi side panel

Puch Maxi 2 × Early pedal-start RH panel in grey.  Good sound condition, no cracks or bits missing, but heavily scuffed face just above front screw mounting—£15.
Can post.

Puch Maxi side panel

Puch Maxi LH panel in black—£15.
V-shaped piece out just behind the rear mounting, and small wear hole by bottom mounting.  Generally sound and serviceable panel.

Can post.

Puch Maxi side panels

Puch Maxi ‘Supreme Turbo’ LH & RH plastic side panels in black with (faded) red graphics—£20 each.
Generally pretty good condition for old plastic sidepanels.  Sound, no cracks, no bits missing.  Just a few scuffs.
Can post.

Puch Maxi stands

Puch Maxi stands.  All pre-used condition.
Top left: (silver) 8" legsSold
Top right: (black) 10" legs (Free Spirit etc)—£10
Bottom left: (silver) 8" legs—£8
Bottom right: (silver) 6½" legs—£8
Can post.

Footrest rubbers

Footrest rubbers, new/old stock British motor cycle.  Any pair—£5
The round one on the left (AMC/Norton) has hole 16mm diameter hole × 100mm deep, total length 109mm, and 38mm diameter.
The oval one in the middle (BSA) has rectangular hole 16mm × 12mm × 107mm deep, total length 115mm, 36mm wide × 29mm deep.
The rectangular one on the right (Triumph pillion) has 14mm diameter hole × 109mm deep, total length 114mm , 33mm wide × 21mm deep.
Can post.

Mondial 49cc 3-speed motor

Mondial 49cc Sport kickstart 3-speed handchange motor.  Engine serial stamped on back of crankcase: B10787.  Circa early 1960s.  Iron cylinder with alloy head, inlet manifold and Dell’orto T412S1 carburettor c/w F.27 airbox.  LH kickstart operates forward, engine turns over smoothly and demonstrates good compression.  Feels sound.  Motor has apparently had little use, and front sprocket is still in good condition and not showing much wear.  Magset fitted, all present and correct.  Cases all sound, no physical damage.  Real quality engine—£400.
Can post by courier, tracked and signed, to anywhere in the world.

Anker–Laura cylinder head

Anker–Laura cylinder head, for Batavus, Ariel 3, SIM50, etc.  C/w decompressor valve.  Excellent condition, all good fins, plug threads fine, decompressor valve works correctly—£20.
Can post.

Morini-Franco FM3M-EXP moped engine

Morini-Franco FM3M-EXP 50cc pedal moped engine, circa late 1950s/early 1960s.  3-speed handchange gearbox, and ‘Giulietta’ case badges.  Fitted with both pedal arms, inlet manifold, and Dell’orto SHA 14/12 carburettor c/w filter box.  Thoroughly refurbished motor fitted with new bearings and seals throughout, rebore, new piston set, exhaust flange nut, and new 13T drive sprocket.  All cases impeccably cleaned, outer cases polished, cylinder barrel blasted and enamelled, head blasted.  Magset fitted, all present and correct.  Very detailed and beautiful restoration—clearly demonstrating genuine and quality workmanship.  Ready to run—£450.
It’d cost more than this just to get one of these engines refurbished to this standard today, and here’s the whole thing, complete with all accessories for a bargain price…
Can post by courier, tracked and signed, to anywhere in the world.

Batavus HS50 dual seat

Batavus HS50 dual seat–£70.
Genuine NEW/old stock.  Excellent condition.  Will also fit other Batavus models; GoGo, Prius, Pronto, Bronco, etc.
Can post.

NSU Quickly mudguard

NSU Quickly 26" rear mudguard.  New/old stock.  Good sound condition.  Original beige/grey paint finish.  Main centre section still wrapped in original 1950s’ delivery packaging.  C/w original delivery label from NSU Distributors, London—£80.
Can post.

Mobylette rear carrier

Mobylette rear carrier, with both stays, all bolts and fixtures for Mobylette AV42, AV46, AV48, etc—£15.
Some surface rust, but all metal still sound.
Can post.

Smiths 40mph ANTICLOCKWISE speedometer

Smiths X.80411/0/2 1770 40mph ANTICLOCKWISE handlebar mounting speedometer—£50.
Typically fitted to old autocycles and light motor cyles.  Good working order complete with handlebar clamp.  Shows 5,611 miles.  Smart dial with good chrome on rim, though shows evidence that the rim has been teased off and refitted at some past time (maybe to replace a broken glass?).
Note: ANTICLOCKWISE, so this for applications where the drive is mounted on the LHS of the front wheel.
Can post.

Honda PC50 rear brakeplate stop block

Honda PC50 rear brakeplate stop block—£5.
Alloy casting in good condition.  Now only 1 available.  Fits between the swingarm and rear brakeplate to secure the backplate.
Can post.

Ariel-3 driven pulley bracket assembly

Ariel-3 driven pulley bracket assembly c/w good bearings and drive sprocket—£20.
Good order.
Can post.

Stadium helmet peaks

Collectable Memorabilia?  Stadium helmet peak in black—£5 each.
Only one available.  Fixing by three press fasteners.  New old stock in good condition.  No original packaging—these were only sold ‘loose’.
Can post.

Piaggio Ciao, Boxer, Bravo, Si cylinder head

Piaggio Ciao, Boxer, Bravo, Si, etc, cylinder head c/w decompressor set—£15.
Really good condition.  Bead blasted clean, all good fins, good plug thread.  All decompressor parts complete and in excellent condition.  Very nice.
Can post.

Phillips Panda sidepanel centre mounting brackets

Phillips Panda Mk1 & Mk2 sidepanel centre mounting brackets.
Bracket bolts inside front/bottom of the rear mudguard, and a ¼" stud goes through the ‘roll’ to secures the sidepanels L & R at their centrepoint.

Bare bracket with fixing bolt—£3

Bracket with fixing bolt, spacer tubes, and stud (threads on stud not so good, really wants new stud)—£5.

Can post.

Anker–Laura M-48 crankshaft

Anker–Laura M-48 crankshaft for Batavus GoGo, Bronco, HS50, Pronto, Prius, etc—£20.
Pre-used, good condition c/w small-end bush, woodruff key for mag flywheel & nut.  Good threads both ends.  Big-end bearing bearing turns smooth with no play.  Good serviceable crankshaft.
Can post.

Batavus fork legs

Pair of Batavus fork legs, L & R, complete with springs—£10 for all.
Both good and straight, no rust.  Finished in original Batavus purple paint.  Suit Go Go, Pronto, Prius, HS50, Bronco, etc.
Can post.

Batavus centre stand

Batavus GoGo, Bronco, HS50, Pronto, Prius, etc: centre stand complete with both pivot bolt sets—£20.
Pre-used, but very good condition.  Seems to have had very little use.  Pivot holes and pivot bolts showing no wear at all.
Can post.

Batavus parts

Batavus GoGo, Bronco, HS50, Pronto, Prius, etc; all pre-used parts, good serviceable condition.

Belt flywheel c/w fitted needle roller bearings and sprocket retaining ring (no sprocket).  Needle bearings good, and flywheel spins true on shaft.SOLD
Belt flywheel c/w fitted needle roller bearings and 13T sprocket and retaining ring
Sprocket teeth good condition, needle bearings good, and flywheel spins true on shaft
Pedal shaft with 26T chainwheelSOLD

Pedal chainwheel plastic shield—£2
(Small burn mark on edge).

LH & RH pedal arms with pedals—£10 pair.
Correct Batavus pedal arms, threads good, but poor chrome.  Pedals turn OK and in reasonable condition.

Can post.

Sturmey–Archer brakeplate assemblies

Sturmey–Archer/Raleigh front 90mm front brakeplate assemblies.  NEW/old stock.  9/16" centre hole in brakeplate.  Arm 6¼" long fron centre hole in brakeplate.

2 × New brakeplates c/w lever, cam, shoes and springs—£40 each.

1 × New brakeplate c/w lever and camSOLD.

Maybe suit most Sturmey–Archer hub brakes for cycles, cyclemotors, Raleigh RM1, RM2, Wisp?  You may need to check the speification is suitable for your application.
Can post.

Mobylette AV3 cylinder barrels

Mobylette AV3 cylinder barrels, pre-used, good condition.
39mm standard—£50.
39.50mm 2nd O/S—£50.
All fins good.  Exhaust threads good.  C/w fitted head studs and decompressor dowel.
Can post.

Fantic Chopper front fork bushes

Fantic Chopper: 2 × front fork bushes—£20 the pair.
New old stock.  Part number 091 02 5431, 30mm I/D × 35mm O/D × 40mm long.
Can post.

Mobylette rear suspension units

Mobylette rear suspension units, 275mm centres—£15 each.
NEW/old stock.  Perfect condition.  C/w rubber bushes and sleeve sets in end eyes.
Note, these are NOT a pair, because the top alloy shrouds are different.
Top unit has ribbed alloy shroud—£15.
Bottom unit has plain alloy shroud—£15.
Can post.

Puch Maxi exhaust pipe & silencer

Puch Maxi exhaust pipe (Silencer body sold).

1 × Puch Maxi original 22mm diameter exhaust pipe RH pipe—£30.
Genuine original Puch NEW/old stock, perfect chrome.  Has original Puch label.  Not repro.

1 × Puch Maxi silencer body with Puch logo—Sold.

Honda PF50 (2-stroke) cylinder head

Honda PF50 (2-stroke) cylinder head complete with decompressor—£10
Pre-used.  Nice clean condition.  Spark plug threads very good.
Can post.

Suzuki 80mph speedometer

Suzuki 80mph speedometer—£40.
Tested, and good working order.  Indicating 4,246 miles.  Fitted to M15 Sportsman 50cc motor cycle (early 1960s).  Also believed fitted to M12 Supersport 50cc, M15D Soveriegn 50cc, K10 Sports 70cc, K11 70cc.
Can post.

Suzuki plastic headlamp nacelle

Suzuki plastic headlamp nacelle—£10.
Fitted to M15 Sporstman 50cc motor cycle (early 1960s).  Suzuki part number M15-5811 (moulded inside).  These 50+ year old plastic mouldings can often be in pretty poor condition.  This one is generally in pretty reasonable condition apart from two small pieces out around where the headlamp rim fits and bottom RH side corner of the moulding.  Can be repaired by plastic welding (we can put you onto Walton Works Graphics, who could make a fantastic job of fixing this, and change the colour if you wished).
Can post.

Honda rear light lens

Honda rear light lens—£4.
Genuine Japanese made.  Pre-used, good condition, no cracks, though a couple of scratches on top.  Fits: CB100N 1978–87; CB125T 1978–82; CB250N, CB400N 1978–85.
Can post.

SYM rear light lens

SYM N125A–6–BK Huskey rear light lens (Sanyang 438)—£3.
Part No.33702–N28–000.  NEW/old stock.  Still in manufacturer’s original packaging.
Can post.

Puch chrome fork shroud

Puch chrome fork shroud 41mm O/D × 142mm long c/w inner rubber to 25mm fork tube—£10.
(GP,Monza?)  NEW/old stock.  Excellent chrome.  (1 only)
Can post.

SRL Arrow Amberwall tyre

SRL Arrow Amberwall tyre 22×1.3/8 / 550A / 37-490  1 only—£2.
Roadster pattern rated to 65psi.  New old stock.  Small spot of tiny cracking on the amberwall at one point, but good serviceable type.
Can post.

HWA Fong Amberwall tyre

(Raleigh distributed) HWA Fong Amberwall tyre 600-28A / 28-541  1 only—£3.
Nylon re-inforced road sport tyre rated to 75psi.  NEW/old stock.  VGC.
Can post.

Yamaha Passola exhaust

Yamaha Passola exhaust—£30.
NEW/old stock (1-only).
Can post.

Peugeot 102 plastic belt flywheel

Peugeot 102 plastic belt flywheel 175mm o/d—£8.
C/w engagement switch, 11T front sprocket, fitted needle roller bearings in bore, and grease nipple.  All complete and good serviceable order.
Can post.

Suzuki front brake lever

Suzuki front brake lever (RH)—£2
NEW/old stock.  Cast alloy, painted black.  Package marked for: Suzuki AP50, AE, AH, FS, FZ, GT, TS, ZR50 models.
Can post.

Batavus sidepanel

Batavus RH sidepanel in steel—£20.
Steel solid.  No cracks, no rust.
Can post.

Puch primary case

Puch kick-start primary case c/w internal kickstart mechanism—£30.
Suit 4-speed/5-speed Grand Prix, Monza models, etc.  Pre-used.  Good sound condition.  No cracks, all threads good.  Gasket face flat and clean.
Can post.

Peugeot pedal shafts

Peugeot 102, Vogue, etc pedal shafts c/w pedal sprocket.  Shafts all 16mm diameter × 215mm long.
Pierced sprocket 35TSold
Solid sprocket 32T—£8 each (2 available).
Can post.

Bantamag flywheels

Wipac Bantamag flywheels—£30 each (2 available).
Key-slot condition and extractor threads all good.  Bead blasted clean.
Can post.

NSU parts

NSU Quickly.  NEW/old stock odds & ends.
Inlet manifold spacer/gasket—All Sold
Air filter element (1 available)—£8.
LH Crankcase seal B443 size 32-12-7 (1 available)—£4.
Front wheel outer bearing cups (2 available)—£3 each.
Front wheel caged ball race (1 available)—£3.
Front wheel seals size 30-17-5 (2 available)—£2 each.
Rear wheel spindle nuts, plated finish (3 available)—£2 each.
S2/23 25T gear with 4-spline bore—£4.
Can post.

Mobylette rear lamp brackets

Mobylette rear lamp bracket for ULO 2507015 type rear lamp assembly.  New/old stock.  Original black painted finish.  Still in manufacturer’s original packaging.  £10 each.  (2 available).

1 × Good pre-used lamp bracket also available—£5.

Can post.

Rigida Chrolux rims

Rigida new chrome Chrolux rims, 17 × 1.12 × 28-H, Endrick pattern with dimpled sides (for caliper brakes).  Note: 28-hole.  New/old stock.  Perfect condition.  Date coded 1979.  £30 each.

Viva radial rib front tyre

2 × New 3.50/4.00–8 inner tubes—£5 pair.
Schrader valves.  Typically suit trailer wheels, wheelbarrow, etc.  Can post.
Can post.

Early type Garelli Automatic engine parts

Early type Garelli Automatic engine parts, circa 1960s with round-type crankcase.

Cylinder head (round fin pattern), clean blasted with all good fins and heli-coiled plug thread—£10.

Motor bottom end complete (no magset), including seemingly reasonable crankshaft and all transmission, clutch, sprockets and primary drive caseSOLD.

Cast iron cylinder barrel (round fin pattern), all good fins but no piston and needs reboreSOLD.

RH mag coverSOLD.
RH pedal arm c/w freewheel sprocket (which seems to have gritted-up, because some fool appears to have put it in a sand blaster).  Freewheel should flush out OK, and the special pedal arm seems goodSOLD.

Can post.

Honda Express centrestand

Honda Express reconditioned centrestand assembly—£25.
Very good condition, no wear.  Complete with pivot bolt, spring, rubber stop, and 2 mounting bolts for the mounting bracket.
Can post.

Honda PC50K1 (ohv) engine parts

Honda PC50K1 (ohv) engine parts.  All pre-used.  Can post all items.

Complete centrifugal clutch assembly.
Good serviceable condition.  Includes main drum and clutch hub with shoes, etc.  Also has balls and triangular cage, centre bush and back spacer, centre nut and washer

Pedal shaft and freewheel sprocket—£10.
Good serviceable condition.  If your pedals are pushing back at your feet, then this is the item that’s failing in your engine.

Camshaft with cam chain and drive sprocketSOLD.
Camshaft lobes excellent condition with no discernable wear.  All teeth sound on both sprockets.  Chain VGC.

Cam chain tensioner arm with rubberised wheel, spring, screw and shim washers—£10
All parts excellent condition.

Engine drain bolt.
Good hex head on bolt.  Good threads

Engine dipstick—£2.
Sound condition plastic.  Threads good.

Peugeot moped saddles

Peugeot moped saddle 11" wide × 11" long—£20.
White plastic moulded cover in good sound condition with no splits, though a little stained in places.  ‘Peugeot’ was printed across the back of the saddle cover, but the black ink seems to have practically faded away.  Foam padding good and metal base sound with only a little minor surface rust.  Saddle has a suspension spring under the base.  Looks like it’ll be a fairly comfortable seat.  Stem size is 1" diameter, and the angle of the seat is NOT adjustable in relation to the stem.  Since the stem is part of a welded assembly for the suspension springing arrangement, it’s angle is fixed to suit the upright saddle stem of the Peugeot moped frame it was made for—because of this the seat may not be compatible with other moped makes.
Can post.

Mobylette Cady inlet manifold

Cady engine inlet manifold c/w support clamp—£5.
Good metal.  No rust.
Can post.

Bown/Aberdale autocycle petrol tank

Bown/Aberdale autocycle petrol tank—£70.
Sound metal, No dents.  Nice and clean inside.  All mounting studs good threads with nuts and rubber pads.  Includes fuel cap.
Can post.

Excelsior autocycle fuel tank

Excelsior autocycle fuel tank—£40.
Round/conical fire-extinguisher shape.  Sound metal, no dents.  Reasonably clean inside, though rusty and pitted outside.
Can post.

Moby engine brackets

Moby engine brackets

1sp/fixed engine ‘short’ head mounting brackets (total length 100mm) for early models—£10 pair.
NEW/old stock.  Plating still bright.

1sp/fixed engine ‘long’ head mounting brackets (total length 120mm) for later models—£8 pair.
NEW/old stock.  Plating still bright.

Also LH brackets available as singles—£3 each.

1-sp/fixed engine bottom mounting plates MTA137 (Runabout RM6, RM8, Wisp, Moby AV42, etc)—£8 pair.
NEW/old stock.  Plating still bright.

1-sp/fixed engine bottom mounting plates MTA137 (Runabout RM6, RM8, Wisp, Moby AV42, etc)—£8 pair.
NEW/old stock.  Plating still bright.

Variator model components (RM5, 9, 9+1, 11, 12, Moby AV48, 89, etc).

Variator belt guard top mounting bracket MTA161—£2 each.
NEW/old stock, but plating tarnished.

Variator spring stop plate MTA166—£3 each.
NEW/old stock, but plating tarnished.

Variator spring /bottom metalastic bush mounting plate (LH/clutch side) MTA283 (2x exhaust mount)—Sold.
New old stock.  Good plating.

Variator spring /bottom metalastic bush mounting plate (LH/clutch side) M-series (1x exhaust mount)—£4 each.
New old stock.  Good plating.

Variator plain bottom engine mounting plate (RH/mag side) M-series (1 × exhaust mount)—£2 each.
New old stock.  Good plating.

Pair of rear wheel adjuster plate for rigid frame (AV42 etc.) with NEW mounting bolts and brakeplate stop boltSold.
NEW/old stock, Bright plating.

Can post.

Raleigh RM1, RM1C, & RM2 parts

Raleigh RM1, RM1C, & RM2.  All NEW/old stock.

MH7—Bolt for rear wheel sprocket—50p each.
LB162—Front axle nutSOLD OUT
4561251 / 385/001 Amal carburettor body (bare)SOLD OUT
Main jet cover nut—£1.
Main jet fibre washer—20p each.
Mixing chamber topSOLD OUT
Needle jet Amal 385/007 (.0745)SOLD OUT
Needle jet fibre sealSOLD OUT
Float chamber top screwsSOLD OUT

Can post.

Raleigh RM1, RM1C, & RM2 Bottom Bracket and Clutch parts

Raleigh RM1, RM1C, & RM2 Engine group parts.  All NEW/old stock.

ME77—4000077 Standard 38mm bare piston.  SOLD
ME12—Conrod with fitted small-end bearing.  SOLD
ME17—4000017 Crankcase dowel—£3.
ME16—Retaining plate for big-end—£3 each.
ME24—4000024 Cylinder head bolt—50p each.
ME25—Big-end screw—£1 each.
ME32—Bolt for engine mounting clamp bracket.  Only one left—£1.
ME38—4000038 Gasket for needle housing—£1 each.
4561062 Crank seal 15-24-7 (for needle housing)SOLD OUT
ME19—Decompressor valve springSOLD OUT

Can post.

Raleigh RM1, RM1C, & RM2 Bottom Bracket and Clutch parts

Raleigh RM1, RM1C, & RM2 Bottom Bracket and Clutch parts.

Raleigh RM1, RM1C, RM2: MT.8 Spring Ring for Driving Shaft—£1 each.
Raleigh RM1C, RM2: 4519440 J1812 Needle Bearing  SOLD
Raleigh RM1, RM1C, RM2: J.108 Driving Shaft Bearing—£8 each.
Raleigh RM1, RM1C, RM2: MT.5 Driving Shaft (bare)   SOLD
Raleigh RM1C, RM2: 4020074 Clutch release pin   SOLD
Raleigh RM1C, RM2: 4020055 Release Ring for Clutch   SOLD
Raleigh RM1C, RM2: 4020062 Bearing Thrust Washer   SOLD
Raleigh RM1C, RM2: 4519494 Torrington Needle Thrust Bearing NTA2031   SOLD
Raleigh RM1C, RM2; 4020059 Clutch Driven Plate   SOLD

Can post.

Di-Blasi R7 parts

Di-Blasi R7 parts.

Variator and centrifugal clutch set (good pads)—£30
Kick start shaft with main quadrant gear, ratchet, and ratchet gear—SOLD
Can post.

Piaggio front variator set

Piaggio Vespa Ciao, Boxer, Bravo, Si, etc, 49cc moped front variator set—£10.
Rollers in good condition.  Pre-used.
Can post.

Haynes Honda Melody manual

Haynes Honda Melody workshop manual—£7.
Covers Melody models: NB50 MS-E (deluxe), March 1984–April 1985; ND50 M-C (II deluxe), April 1982–April 1985; NP50 D (Mini), Feb 1983—April 1985; NS50 D-B, June 1981—Feb 1984; NS50 MS-B (deluxe), June 1981–Feb 1984.  Though front cover is faded around the edges, it looks like the manual has never been opened, because all pages clean.
Can post.

sealed beam headlamp units

2 × 12V × 35W sealed beam headlamp units—£10 each.
110mm diameter.  Lens marked with ‘General Electric’ logo, and number ‘158’.  Backs labelled No.10801.  Made in USA.  Marked ‘GE4406 Tractor’. NEW/old stock.
Can post.

rear lamp lenses

Clip-on red rear lamp lenses—£4 each.
" × 1½" × ¾" deep.  Only marked BS3648.  Any idea what they may fit?  NEW/old stock.
Can post.

Sparta Buddy & Lucky plastic sidepanel

Sparta Buddy & Sparta Lucky plastic sidepanel (models 1974 on, with Sachs engine), RH in black—£5.
Can post.

Garelli Bi-Matic steel sidepanels

Garelli Bi-Matic, etc, steel sidepanel in blue
1 × LH—£10.
Can post.

Berini VEV600 plastic sidepanel

Berini ‘Van Gazelle’ VEV600 LH plastic sidepanel in black (with decal).  Good condition, no cracks—£10.
Can post.


Collectibles: £10 each, or all three for £20.
Can post.

Woodworker’s 6" set-square.  Brass edge/steel blade, mahogany handle with diamond brass inserts to pin blade.

Woodworker’s 12" spirit level by J.Rabone & Sons, Bitrmingham, No.1627.  Mahogany body with brass edge and brasscorner strips.  Both bubbles good.

Builder’s 9" ‘Boat’ spirit level by Rabone, England.  No.1420, in die-cast aluminium.  Both bubbles good.

Motor cycle outdoor cover

Motor cycle outdoor cover in silver/grey—£15.
New.  Never used.  Still in original package.
Can post.

Mobylette rear mudguard stay

Genuine original old Mobylette rear mudguard stay—£2.
For 19"/23" wheel models AV75, AV76, AV78, etc.  Lots of surface rust, but all metal seems sound.
Can post.

Replacement brake lining set

Rivet-on replacement brake lining set marked for Douglas Vespa 125—£7.
2 × new/old stock pre-drilled Nu-Texa linings c/w copper rivets.  NMC/105/1(2) for drum diameter 124mm.  Lining size 130 long × 17 wide × 3 thick.
Can post.

Honda P50 motorwheel parts

Honda P50 motorwheel.  40T primary transmission sprocket with 8-spline bore 35 × 33mm.  Genuine NEW/old stock Honda part no. 23321-044-020.  As new condition—£20.
Can post.

Mobylette M50V exhaust/silencer

Mobylette M50V exhaust/silencer c/w bracket—£60.
NEW/old stock, immaculate.
Can post.

Power Pak con-rods

Sinclair-Goddard Power Pak con-rod/big end bearing/small-end bearing set—£80 each (2 available).
NEW/old stock.
One rod has (early) small size 7/16"Ø (0.4375") small-end bearing fitted (unreamed).
Second rod has (late) large size 15/32"Ø (0.4687") small-end bearing fitted (unreamed).   SOLD
Can post.

Honda wheels

Mobylette AV92 18" rear wheel c/w spindle and brakeplate assembly—£15.
Good hub and bearings.  No sprocket.  Chrome on rim peeled and surface rust, but rim still sound and serviceble.  Pre-used.
Can post.

Cheng-Shin 26×2½ tyre

Cheng-Shin (Taiwan) 26×2½ tyre (Obsolete size) 4-ply rated.  Genuine NEW/old stock.  Excellent condition—£25.
1-only.  Fit: ?
Can post.

Victoria M50 mag cover

Victoria genuine original M50 pressed alloy magcover c/w badge plate dated 1955 showing motor number 5/185593.  This cover is in very good condition (and they certainly are very sensitive to the tiniest knock).  No cracks, both clips and all rivets good. Badge plate perfect and clear—and these badge plates carry the engine number, so without it, no engine number...  Victoria impress on face nice and clear.  No corrosion.  Fantastic condition original component in excellent order, impossible to get.  Pre-used—£40.
Can post.

Honda C100 engine parts

Honda C100 engine parts (early pushrod/cast iron 'crunch' 50cc motor).

Cast iron cylinder on standard 40mm bore.  SOLD.
Couple of slightly chipped fins (could be repaired OK, but probably not necessary as cylinder isn't seen anyway).

Cast iron cylinder head c/w valves fitted.  All good.  SOLD.

Cast iron rocker box with tappets and 1 valve cap.  £20

Assorted Internal gears on shaft with selector.  SOLD.

Carburettor body and float chamber assembly (not complete).  SOLD.

Can post.

Teckno BMX tyre

Teckno 16 × 1.75 BMX tyre (1 only), NEW/old stock—£3
Can post.

Yamaha QT50 gasket set

Yamaha QT50 top-end gasket set—£4.
NEW/old stock.  1 only.  Comprises copper head gasket, cylinder base gasket, and exhaust ring gasket.
Can post.

Control lever for Piaggio Vespino

Left side black plastic control lever for Piaggio Vespa Vespino—£4.
Clutch lever for Vespa PK/S/XL.  Rear brake lever for Vespa PX/S/XL Automatica/Plurimatic.  NEW/old stock.  Genuine Piaggio part no. 244337 (not pattern lever).
Can post.

Suzuki speedometer

Suzuki speedometer, 0–60mph (A100?).  £15.
Good working order c/w 4 instrument lamp sockets in the back.
Can post.

Control Lever Sets

Control Lever Sets:

LH control lever set for Suzuki FZ50, c/w lever, brakelight switch, Hi/Lo switch, indicator switch, horn button, all wiring and choke control.  SOLD

RH throttle control lever set for Honda Caren, c/w lever, Headlight/Park/Off switch, starter button and all wiring—£10.

RH throttle control lever set for Honda Melody De Luxe E/S, c/w lever, brakelight switch, Headlight/Park/Off switch, starter button and all wiring—£15.

Can post.

Suzuki FZ50 oil tank

Suzuki FZ50 oil tank c/w screw cap and trim cover—£5.
All parts good condition.
Can post.

Suzuki FZ50 headlamp shell

Suzuki FZ50 headlamp shell (in blue).  Pre-used.  Hard to find original plastic moulded component in good sound condition, no cracks in plastic case.
Note: This is type where the switch is mounted in the back of the case (some switches were mounted in the top—where they filled up with water)—£8.
Can post.

Brakeplate assemblies

Five brakeplate assemblies, all pre-used.

(Top left to right)
Leleu 70mm rear alloy brakeplate with cam & lever—£2.
Leleu 70mm rear alloy brakeplate with cam & lever, 70 × 15mm brake shoes & springs—£3.

(Bottom left to right)
Atom 80mm rear steel brakeplate (Moby M50?) with cam, lever & return springSold
Atom 70mm rear steel brakeplate (Moby M40?) with cam & lever, 70 × 15mm brake shoes & springs—£3.
Atom 80mm front brakeplate (Batavus?) with cam & lever—£2.

Atom front hubs

Atom 70mm full-width alloy front hubs.  Both complete with steel brakeplates, cam, lever, shoes, springs, cups, cones, bearings, axle, nuts, washers, and speedo drives.
(Left) 28-hole hub with 120mm flanges and 23"/1.8 ratio Huret speedo driveSOLD.
(Right) 28-hole hub with 100mm flanges and 23"/1.8 ratio Huret speedo drive—£15.

brake plates

NEW/old stock brake plates.

Top left to top right:
Atom 70mm bare steel front brakeplate (Batavus).  New - £2
Atom 70mm steel front brakeplate (Batavus) c/w cam & lever.  New—£4

Bottom left to bottom right:
Leleu 80mm front stainless-steel brakeplate (as fitted to Moby/Leleu hubs circa 1974-76).  C/w cam & lever.  Stainless plate is still protected with original plastic seal.    SOLD
Leleu 80mm all alloy rear brakeplate c/w cam & lever.  New—£4.

Can post.


Brakeplates (steel).  Solid metal with good straight plates.

Top left & bottom left:
2 × 80mm Leleu (sprung-frame Puch Maxi, etc) with inspection ports (no plugs).  C/w cam & brake arm (used)—£2 each.

Middle right:
80mm Leleu (Moby M-series, etc) with inspection ports (1 plug).  C/w cam & brake arm (used)

Can post.


Brakeplates—(all alloy).

Top left to top right:
80mm Leleu front (early Puch Maxi) with inspection ports (no plugs).  C/w cam & brake arm (used)—£2.
80mm Leleu front (early Puch Maxi) with inspection ports c/w plugs.  C/w cam & brake arm (used)—£3.
2 × 80mm Leleu front (later Puch Maxi) plain brakeplate c/w cam & brake arm (used)—£2 each.

Bottom left to bottom right:
80mm Leleu front (later Puch Maxi) bare brakeplate NEW/old stockSOLD
2 × Leleu 80mm rear (rigid frame Maxi) c/w cam & brake arm (used)—£3 each.
Prior 100mm bare brakeplate NEW/old stockSOLD.

Can post.

AV78 original steel sidepanel

AV78 original steel sidepanel.  Sound metal with only light surface rust.  Nice and straight, no dents, good condition.  LH only—£25.
Can post.

Moby toolbox panels

Alloy toolbox covers for:
Mobylette AV89, Raleigh RM5, Phillips Gadabout Mk4, Norman Lido Mk3

Late angular type RH (extra hole, which someone drilled through to put in a switch)—£5 (1 only)

Late angular type RH—£10 (NOW ONLY 2 AVAILABLE)

Can post.

Dax pattern saddle

Honda Dax monkey-bike, NEW pattern saddle—£25.
Condition as new.  Never fitted or used.  Cover perfect.  Note: this is a pattern seat, not original Honda.
Can post.

Leleu front brakeplate

Leleu 100mm front brakeplate assembly—£20.
Very hard to find front brakeplate assembly for biggest Leleu moped hub, c/w cam, lever arm, shoes (used) & springs.  All good condition.
Can post.

Mobylette/Raleigh cable guides

Mobylette/Raleigh cable guides.  These fit on the HT coil mounting bracket and serve to guide wires and cables underneath the frame.  Both very good condition.

Lightweight bracket—£2.

Heavy Duty bracket (with pump locator as per AV76–78 models)—£3.

Can post.

BSA Bantam mag cover plates

BSA Bantam mag cover plates (2 only)—£25 each.
Diecast zinc.  Genuine NEW/old stock.  NOT reproduction.
Can post.

Wipac lighting switches

Wipac H–off–L High/Low lighting switch (1 only)—£20
Genuine NEW/old Wipac stock.  NOT reproduction.

Wipac I–off–E Ignition/Emergency ignition switch (1 only)—£20.
Genuine NEW/old Wipac stock. NOT reproduction.

As typically fitted to BSA Bantam models and other light motor cycles.  Lighting switches fitted to Raleigh RM8, RM9 mopeds, etc,
Can post.

Suzuki FR50/FR80 speedometer

60mph Suzuki FR50/FR80 speedometer—£15.
Good working order complete with mounting plate and clamp bracket + a couple of the indicator lamp sockets.
Can post.

Honda Caren speedometer

40mph Honda Caren speedometer—£15
Good working order complete in binnacle mounting case, including a couple of the indicator lamp sockets.
Can post.

tank side chrome panels

Mobylette/Motobécane AV92 pre-used Left Hand tank side chrome panel.  Single LH bare panel only.  There is small pit marking on the top face and chrome condition is generally poor and dull.  Just £5.
Can post.

Vespa Ciao/Bravo parts

Vespa Ciao sidepanel badge & clips (pre-used) - £2.

Vespa Ciao/Bravo etc sidepanel latchscrews:
30mm nominal length : screw with spring—£3 each.
30mm nominal length : plain screw—£2 each.
37mm nominal length : plain screw  SOLD OUT
40mm nominal length : screw with spring—£3 each.
40mm nominal length : plain screw—£2 each.

Contact Set

Contact Set CS.118.  New—£5.
Triumph Dolomite/TR7 1975-82
Bedford CF1800/2300 1969-82
Vauxhall Firenza/Magnum 1600/2300 1971-77.

Sachs clutch basket assembly

Sachs 50/2-gear moped, NEW clutch basket assembly with primary chainwheel and complete shock/drive system—£30.
This clutch basket assembly fits on the early two-speed Sachs engines with chain primary drive.  Note: Later Sachs engines changed to gear primary drive.  Can post.

bottom bracket set

Inside thread bottom bracket set, 2.9/16" long.  New—£10.
Excellent new condition.  Hard to find special repair kit that can recover a cycle frame if the bottom bracket threads are stripped.  just open out the bracket to 1-7/16" diameter to fit the sleeve and assemble.  Can post.

Sparta sprockets

Rear sprocket: Sparta moped / Union hub with Sachs Saxonette motor circa 1960s.  WMH 063-218-022 + spacer 22T rear sprocket.  Mounting 38mm bore × 5 holes on 54mm PCD.   SOLD

Rear sprocket: Sparta moped / Union hub with Sachs Saxonette motor circa 1960s.  WMH 063-219-022 (15mm offset version) 22T rear sprocket, used £15.  Mounting 38mm bore × 5 holes on 54mm PCD.

Cyclemaster Cylinder heads

Cyclemaster cylinder heads:

3 × 32cc 700071/2 with large stud holes.  All good fins and clean blasted—£20 each.

1 × 32cc 700071/2 with small stud holes.  NEW/old stock—£30.

Can post.

Minarelli 3M crank kit

2 × F B Minarelli 3M crank kits—£25 each.
Crank pin dia 16.72mm, G-pin 12mm, 85mm ctrs, crank journal width 10mm.  Kit comprises: conrod, crank pin, roller set(uncaged), small-end bearing and 2 crank pin shims.

Minarelli 3M crank kit

1 × CFM Minarelli 3M crank kit—£25.
Crank pin dia 16.72mm, G-pin 12mm, 85mm ctrs, crank journal width 10mm.  Comprises: conrod, crank pin, roller set(uncaged), small-end brg and 2 crank pin shims.

1 × CFM Minarelli 3M crank kit—£25.  Crank pin dia 16.07mm, G-pin 12mm, 85mm ctrs, crank journal width 10mm.  Comprises: conrod, crank pin, roller set(uncaged), small-end brg and 1 crank pin shims

Puch Maxi side panel

Lambretta 3-ring bare piston.  NEW/old stock—£5.
Seems to measure 58.15mm across bottom of skirt, so maybe first oversize from 58mm?  Inside marked MH 5813.  Crown marked 1-  MH  BY.  Takes B-slot type rings.
Can post.

Vespa Ciao LH drive cover

Vespa Ciao LH drive cover in mid-grey—£8.
Can post.

fuel cap

3 × NEW/old stock 2 1/8" external 2-tag fitting stainless steel domed fuel cap with security chain—£20 each.
Can post.

Handlebar stem

Handlebar short 5½" long stem with heavy-duty forged clamp—£8.
For standard 7/8" bars, with clamp bolt.  Good chrome, looks as if it’s been replated.
Can post.

Moped/autocycle front mudguard

German-style moped/autocycle front mudguard, looks like BTS Credette II but may suit other marques too—£60.
C/w all brackets in dull silver paint with original red and yellow pin-stripes.  Good sound condition, only small rust spots.
Can post.

New Hudson chainguard

New Hudson Re-syled autocycle RH chainguard in black—£30.
Generally good cond, no dents or cracks.  Just a little rust along bottom edge.  Hard to get original tinware.
Can post.

KTM parts

KTM Hobby / Sachs Auto barrel, piston, g-pin & circlips, inlet manifold, & complete with decompressor—£15.
All clean and vgc.  (Needs new rings, available from AtoZ Rings)

Cylinder head, sand blasted and clean—£5.

Engine top-end stud set (4) c/w nuts and washers.  Nice and clean, blacked finish (not illustrated)—£2.

Can post.

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