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David Evans, 13 Swansea Avenue, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP2 8QU.




Odds & Ends

PF50 sprocket

Honda PF50 rear sprocket, NOS.  £8 inc UK postage.


Seagull–Villiers p/no 50/234V carb, fits 40Plus/Minus, Century 100, Century Plus.  £15 inc UK postage.


Seagull–Amal 416 carb, fits Silver Century Model 75,Silver Century Plus Model 80, Model 110, & Model 90 EFNR.  £15 inc UK postage.

Norman Nippy brake cable

Norman Nippy MkII, MkIV & Lido, front brake cable.  £5 inc UK postage.

Garelli kickstart

Garelli Como & Katia kickstart lever.  £6 inc UK postage.

Amal twistgrip

Old-style throttle, has ‘Amal 305/013’ stamped on grip.  £7.00 inc UK postage.

Lucas headlamp glass

2 × Lucas headlamp glass.  New.  Part no. 656105.  Fits Raleigh RM1 & RM2  £8.00 inc UK postage.

Mobylette studs

4 × new cylinder studs & nuts, fit Mobylette engines.  £6.00 inc UK postage.

Zündapp clutch plates

Zündapp Falconette clutch plates, 4 in total.  £9.00 inc UK postage.


10 × 6 Volt, 15/15W BAX15D bulbs, £15 inc UK postage.

Rear lens

ULO Rear light lens, NOS.  Box of 4: £17 inc UK postage.

Bosch flywheel

MOS Bosch flywheel, clockwise rotation, 0212 112 053 or can you tell me what it fits?


NOS Facet points, fit DKW 75cc, Dürkopp, Jlo, NSU Quickly, Zündapp with Bosch/Noris mag sets.  £8 inc UK postage.


NOS Few points for Honda P25, P50 & QA50.  £6 inc UK postage.

Domino handlebar set

Domino handlebar set inc. throttle, decompressor, cover, SIM switchgear, etc.  £12 inc UK postage.

Rear light

Rear light complete, taken from Motor Manet Korado.  £7 inc UK postage.

British Seagull Wipac Mk1 mag set

British Seagull Wipac Mk1 mag set, fits all models from 1967 until electronic unit fitted.  Has been tested for two hours.  £20 inc UK postage.

Honda 90 foot peg rubbers

Honda 90 foot peg rubbers, NOS, £6 inc UK postage.

Honda PF50 sprocket

Honda PF50MR2 front sprocket, p/no 4 1511-122-700, NOS, £8 inc UK postage.

Honda PF50 clutch cover

Honda PF50MR2 clutch cover, used, £4 inc UK postage.

Honda PF50 mag cover

Honda PF50MR2 mag cover, used, £4 inc UK postage.

Honda PF50 clutch drum

Honda PF50MR2 clutch drum complete with bearings, NOS, £15 inc UK postage.

Gurtner D10 560 carb

Gurtner D10 560 carb body & choke as fittrd to some Moby and Peugeot BB1 range about 1958.  £12 inc UK postage.

Fibre washer kit for Villiers

Fibre washer kit for Villiers 50/234 carb.  £5.50 inc UK postage.

12-Volt soldering iron set

Elremco-Wolf 12-Volt soldering iron set.  Unused other than foe testing, complete with all accessories, etc.  £12 inc UK postage.

Honda Cub front arm repair kit

Honda C50, C70, C90 Cub front arm repair kit, new type.  £13 inc UK postage.

inner tubes

3 × 4.10/3.50—6 inner tubes, NOS.  £10 inc UK postage.

Dip switch

Dip switch, On/Off/Main beam/Low beam/Stop/Horn, with part loom, £15 inc postage.

Indicator switch

Indicator switch and loom, NOS, £12 inc postage.

British Seagull engine mounting bracket

British Seagull engine mounting bracket, bronze, fits all 40 Featherweights & 40 Plus engines, £15 + postage.

CEV combination switch top half

CEV combination switch top half, NOS, £5 + postage.

Motobécane foot rests

Motobécane/Moby foot rests, p/no ISE12248, NOS, £10 + postage.

rear shock absorber

Capri Scooter rear shock absorber, 28cm centres, for 80cc & 98cc - £20.  NEW/old stock.

Puch City 140mm headlamp shell

Puch City 140mm headlamp shell with fork brackets in metallic red (also fits Free Spirit model) - £8

Runabout front fork

Raleigh RM6 Runabout front fork set in cream with end caps fitted.  NEW/old stock - £20.  Excellent condition, end caps bright and shiny.

Jawa moped exhaust

Jawa moped exhaust pipe and silencer complete - £15.  Pre-used.  Good condition.  Good chrome.

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